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California Costumes Haunted Beauty Child Costume

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Haunted Beauty / Child

Shhh... did you hear that? It sounded like little feet dashing around the house, and chains being rattled in a haunting fashion. Well, we don't want to jump to conclusions, but it sounds like your little one might be having some spooky fun in this Haunted Beauty Costume! Either that, or you may have a real ghost problem...

Item Number: 00394

Color: Gray

Includes: Dress, Shrug with Attached Hood, ChainMesh veil can be worn on top of hood or pulled down to cover face

Not Included: No Other Items

Additional Notes: 100% polyester fabric and knit mesh. Sleeveless pullover dress has elastic waistband, knit mesh overlay. Shrug has long mesh sleeves with hanging fringe; hood fastens with Velcro at neck. Mesh veil can be worn on top of hood or pulled down to cover face. 6' long plastic chain can be threaded through ribbon loops in side seams of dress

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