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  • Reflective Tape 35.5 Feet

    Reflective Tape 35.5 Feet In need of an awesome accessory to enhance your amazing attire and put on the finishing touch this Halloween season? Then this Yellow Reflective Tape is just what you're looking for! A 35.4 inch roll of adhesive, reflective...

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  • Burn Scar Makeup Rubies

    Burn Scar This 1 oz. package of burn scar flesh wound makeup is new in its original package. It is part of the "Theatrical Effects" line produced by Rubie's Costume Company. The item in the picture is the company's photo from the catalog. Item Number:...

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  • Theatrical Makeup Effects Gouges

    Theatrical Effects - Gouges Theatrical Effect Gouges Blade Wound Viking Costumes Makeup Appliance Prosthetic. Available in size: Adult One Size. Item includes: 2 hand painted latex appliances only. Picture Items not included: Makeup. Care...

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  • Theatrical Effects Zombie Rot Makeup

    Zombie Rot Makeup Have you ever seen a zombie with flawless skin? Neither have we. Use this Theatrical Effects Zombie Rot Makeup to transform your beautiful face into a repulsive piece of rotting flesh. This professional quality latex makeup has slimy...

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  • Fake Sideburns 2019 - 100% Human Hair

    Human Hair Sideburns Assorted colors. Human hair. Measure 1.75" wide at top by 2.75" high top to bottom and 2.5" wide at bottom. Made of human hair. Item Number: 2019 Size: One Size Includes: Sideburns Additional Notes: Spirit Gum or Toupee...