Haunted House Child's White Ninja Costume


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White Ninja Kids

In the white, snowy north you'll have to be careful where you step because you just may step on a ninja. These warriors of the icy wastelands are feared by Santa Claus because they're making their way to his workshop. Once the ninja's make it there they will stop at nothing to steal the secrets of the elves to start their own toy lines. But to make it there they have to blend in with the snow that surrounds them. So now your little one can become a ninja of a winter wonderland in this great costume.

Item Number: 881901

Color: White

Includes: Hooded shirt, face scarf, pants, waist sash, arm and leg ties.

Not Included: Weapon, shoes

Actual Measurements: Child's size Large fits 56" tall and 31" waist

Additional Notes: Fuller cut for comfortable movement.

Material: Polyester

Size Chart:


(No reviews yet) Write a Review