Xotic Eyes Reusable Stick On Eye Mask

Xotic Eyes

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Product Overview

Xotic Eyes - Side Face Mask

Side face stick on reusable mask with various decorations.


Size: Adult

Includes: Mask Only

Not Included: No other accessories included.

Actual Measurements: Rose Mask: 4"x2
  Spike Mask: 6"x1.5"

Ingredients: Acrylicadhesive - approved for skin saftey. This product may not be suitable for people with sensitve skin.

Instructions: How to:
Before applying Xotic Eyes, make sure your skin is clean (you can use soap and water, a makeup remover cloth, or baby wipes). Lotions moisturizers, makeup residue and natural oils will cause Xotic Eyes to weaken.
1. Peel off the back (much like you would a bandaid). There is a back cut to help you peel the backing off. The eye piece will be attached to a coversheet.
2. Stick the eye piece with coversheet above your eyelid. Place it above the fold for maximum comfort. Use your hand to smooth the eye piece on.
3. Peel off the coversheet. Start from the far end, holding down the eye to keep it from peeling with the cover sheet.
4. This should fit comfortably on your eye.
To ensure longevity in your eye kit, carefully remove the eye from your skin and place it on the original backing or on parchment paper. Placing the eye on anything else can cause it to permanently attach.
Made in the USA


(No reviews yet) Write a Review