White Bald Cap Ghost Mime Latex Professional Sculptured Cap Tinsley Transfers

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Product Overview

Latex Bald Cap - White

Cover your hair with this professionally sculpted White Bald Cap by Black Label Latex! Incredibly realistic and easy to apply. A latex appliance worth wearing!

Item Number: BLL-025

Color: White

Size: One size fits most

Includes: Contains 1 professionally sculpted Black Label Latex Bald Cap

Not Included: Adhesive, Makeup

Actual Measurements: We recommend a hair net to tame your own hair under the latex bald cap.

Instructions: Located o back of package or by internet search.

Additional Notes: Over the years latex appliances have gotten a bad rap. With countless poorly designed appliances flooding the market we set out to prove the time tested versatility, realism and functionality of latex appliances. We are proud to bring to you Black Label Latex! Created by Academy Award winning makeup artist Christien Tinsley!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review