Undead Creepy Claws Fitting Tape by Dental Distortions

Dental Distortions

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Product Overview

Manicure Nail Tape for Creepy Claws 


Creepy Claws are Film-Quality prosthetic costume claws, designed by one of the leading sculptors in the film industry exclusively for Dental Distortions, Inc. Use this special cosmetic tape that you custom fit to your nails to attach to your nails.

Inluded are two sheets of manicure tape sized from thumb to pinky for a total of 4 applications (4 sets of 10)

How to attach your Creepy Claws:

  1. Clean claws by using rubbing alcohol or soapy water. If using soapy water make sure claws are thoroughly dry before applying. After cleaning, handle claws by edges only to prevent oil from your hands re-soiling the surface of the claws.

  2. Remove adhesive from package. Each piece of finger nail tape can be trimmed as needed. Select a precut piece of tape for your finger. Carefully remove a piece of tape and place it onto your nail. Use on piece for each finger. Press and hold firmly.

  3. Carefully remove the tan protective covering. Select a claw and match it to the appropriate finger. Apply each claw to each finger lightly, if you misalign the claw, simply detach it from the nail and reapply. Once the claw is properly attached to the finger, press down and hold it to the nail for a few seconds to ensure it has attached properly. Repeat for all fingers.

  4. To remove the claws, simply pull up on the tip of the claw. If it does not want to come loose, simply soak in hot water for 30 seconds and it will come right off. If the adhesive becomes stuck to you nail, use hot water as before and roll the adhesive off the finger.


Note: Do not use nail adhesive to attach the claws as the claws will become very difficult to remove. Do not attempt to remove them yourself. Have a trained nail technician remove them for you.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review