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Product Overview

Whiten-10 - Hollywood White & Gloss 
Item: Whiten-10 - Hollywood White & Gloss


Whiten-10 is a brush-on cosmetic tooth whitener that guarantees whiter teeth in just 10 seconds. Developed by a dentist for his patients, Whiten-10 forms a thin cosmetic layer over stains and discolorations for the appearance of naturally white teeth. Unlike other tooth whiteners, only Whiten-10 can whiten artificial teeth including dentures,
crowns, caps, veneers, fillings, and metal bridgework.

Whiten-10 lasts all day and is safe for all teeth and dental work.

This set contains these 2 products:

#1:   Hollywood White
This one is normally used to whiten teeth. It is more translucent than the Touch Up white (Whiten-10-Plus). This item should be applied in thin layers until the desired whiteness is achieved. The more thin layers applied, the whiter the color.

#2:   Teeth Gloss

Gloss is for anyone who wants to enhance their smile. Whiten-10 Gloss is ideal for people who already have a beautiful smile, but would like to add an extra shine to their teeth.

This item is not boxed or packaged by the manufacturer

Hollywood White (Whiten-10) & Gloss
Pen with brush. Blue mixing stick - 3.5ml of paint of both Hollywood White & Gloss
Hollywood White & Clear Gloss

Ethanol, Ammonia Methacrylate, Copolymer, and Triethyl Citrate.
May contain: FD&C Blue No. 1 Aluminum Lake, FD&C Red No. 40 Aluminum Lake, FD&C Yellow No. 5 Aluminum Lake, FD&C Yellow No. 6 Aluminum Lake, Titanium Dioxide, Mica and Iron Dioxide.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  Are these items returnable?
A:  These items are not returnable once the package is unsealed.  If you are unhappy with how the item looks through the packaging, please contact us immediately for return instructions.  Once the item is opened, the item is NOT returnable.
Q:  What version is this listing for?
A:  This listing is for one bottle of the Hollywood White and one bottle of Touch Up White.  This allows you to try the different formulas to see what would work best for you.  Please note that the items are brand new direct from the manufacturer.  Theyare not packaged in a box by the manufacturer.
Q:  What is Whiten-10?
A:   Whiten-10 is a temporary cosmetic tooth coating that can be used to instantly whiten teeth or add gloss and shine to teeth that are already pearly white. Whiten-10 is a brush on coating that is applied to teeth similar to the way that nail polish is applied to fingernails. Whiten-10 can be applied in seconds, and will not affect your teeth or dental work. Whiten-10 is not a bleach and does not contain peroxide.

Q: Does it look natural?
A: When applied correctly, this product will produce a natural, white cosmetic layer to your teeth. This product must be applied in thin layers as needed. To ensure the application of your product is smooth and natural, wipe down the applicator after each layer is applied.

Q: My product looks gloopy? What can I do?
A: Like any cosmetic product, the components in Whiten 10 can separate. Please use the blue stirrer to reincorporate the product if you find that the product is gloopy or separated. To keep the product from becoming gloopy over time, wipe down your applicator after each layer is applied and seal this product tightly as to prevent drying. Gloppy lumps present themselves when dried product is introduced to wet product.
Q:  Who can use Whiten-10?
A:  It is for everyone. It is simple to apply and safe enough that anyone can use it, even children. Because Whiten-10 is not a bleach, it beautifully whitens most dental work that cannot be whitened with bleach (including crowns, veneers, fillings, bonding, dentures, and partial dentures).
Q:  How long will this last?
A:   Approximately 24 hours depending on use

Q: Does this product expire?
A: The manufacturer advises that this product has a very long shelf life, for 2 or more years. However, please follow the instructions above to ensure the product remains smooth and applicable.
Q: Why is the Touch Up product separated into white and a yellowish liquid.
A: This is normal.  Please follow directions and mix thoroughly.

Q: What product is used on the pictures of actual teeth before and after?
A: The pictures are provided by the manufacturer.  They do not list on the photo which item was used on each teeth photo
Q:  Can this be used with braces?
A:   Not recommended with braces, since it would be difficult to remove
Q:  How do I remove?
A:   Brush, scrape, or wipe vigorously with gauze, tissue, or toothbrush.

Q:  Can I eat or drink while wearing this?
A:   As far as drinking goes, the tooth paint will not come off even if the beverage contains alcohol.  As far as eating goes, anything that would scrape on the teeth such as ribs, pizza or french bread may scrape off the paint.  It can be touched up easily.  Some people have no trouble, it depends on the individual.  It seems that the thinner the layer the less likely it is to come off.
Q:  How many versions of Whiten-10 are there?
A:  There are three formulas. Hollywood White, Touch Up White, Gloss.
Hollywood White is designed to create a dazzling white smile in seconds. Hollywood White is perfect for stained or yellowed teeth, and can even whiten dentures or partials.
Touch Up White is specifically designed for those problem areas where one tooth is discolored or has an unsightly defect. Touch Up White can be applied in just seconds to make the entire smile look consistent and beautifully white.
Gloss is for anyone who wants to enhance their smile. Whiten-10 Gloss is ideal for people who already have a beautiful smile, but would like to add an extra shine to their teeth.
Q: Other reasons to consider Whiten-10?
1.  Whiten-10 does not alter the tooth in any way, only the color. It is completely reversible. Other products on the market may alter or penetrate the enamel.
2.  It does not pose a safety risk since it does not penetrate the tooth. Bleaching releases free oxygen radicals, and if swallowed, peroxide is a possible health hazard.
3.  It can be used on an isolated area to touch up one tooth or it can be used to color the entire smile.
4. With bleaching or bonding, coffee, tea and smoking affect the longevity of the whiteness. The process and expense may need to be repeated. With Whiten-10 simply reapply a new application.
5.  It is not permanent and can be applied and removed as often as needed.
6.  No taste no odor
7.  Developed and tested by Dentists
8.  Safe, non-toxic, FD&C approved

Q:  Will this hurt my teeth?
A:  We contacted the manufacturer to discuss any possibility of allergens or astringents in the liquid product and found that all components used to make Whiten 10 are approved and well regulated. However, the product does contain ethyl alcohol, a commonly used cosmetic solvent, and titanium dioxide which is also a commonly used cosmetic pigment in white cosmetics and foods. While these components are widely used in the manufacture of cosmetic goods, some people, especially those with sensitive skin, may have a reaction to the application of these products and experience tooth sensitivity.

* Please note this item does NOT come with a manufacturer box in order to provide free shipping and a discounted price. It is brand new direct from the manufacturer.

1.  Remove brush and mix well with blue mixing stick before use
2.  Brush teeth and floss before applying product. Clean and dry teeth.
3.  Pump brush up and down in bottle until solution is thoroughly mixed
4.  Apply Whiten-10 to teeth . It is important to coat one tooth at a time. A light thin coat works best. Allow 10 seconds to dry. Reapplying when the first coat is not dry will create a streaky effect. Allow 10 seconds before applying a 2nd coat. Normally a 2nd coat is not needed.
5.  Most people only need to coat the upper 8 front teeth. The lower teeth are seldom coated. The coating on the lower teeth will flake more than the upper teeth due to the contact of the coated lower teeth to the inside of the upper teeth.

With proper application of Whiten-10 and careful eating (avoiding abrasive foods such as pretzels, hard bread, etc), Whiten-10 could last up to 24 hours. Should Whiten-10 begin to wear, one could either remove completely and start again, or merely touch up flaked area.

As with any technique, practice makes perfect!


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