Pontiff Pope Adult mens Halloween Costume Standard Size

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Pope Costume

Imagine the blessings (and curses) you will be authorized to issue in these holy robes. Stick your foam, gold-trimmed hat out the front bay window and greet everyone with, well, whatever decrees, lectures, or ramblings you see fit—you're the pope, so if anyone believes they can tell you what to do, they don't know how this works. They are misguided and you are perfect. They are lost and you are found. For best results, let this get to your head. Only you, the Holy See, can help them find the way.

Color: White

Size: One Size: Regular

Actual Measurements: Chest: 44" / Length: 57"

Additional Notes: White, polyester robe with Hook and Loop fastener closure in the back / Gold button details in the front / Gold capelet attaches to the collar / White sash ties behind the waist / Foam hat is trimmed in gold details

Material: Polyester


(No reviews yet) Write a Review