Mens Gold Disco Ball Tuxedo Jacket Only


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Disco Ball Tuxedo Jacket ONLY

Do you want to shine? Of course, you do! Everyone does. A regular suit jacket just doesn't cut it. Where is that sparkle? That pizzaz! That razzle dazzle! Roll into that meeting and get ready to turn heads. Your business model is sure to have those high power executives fighting each other to invest. They've just been waiting to wake up from their PowerPoint haze. Okay, we might be over exaggerating but you're certainly ready to win that party, whatever you're up to. Too many guys roll into a party wearing a boring black suit jacket, however well tailored it might be. Pinstripes just don't give you a chance to stand out. This Gold Disco Ball Tuxedo Jacket on the other hand, is exactly the ticket you need. It's the kind of shine that gets you noticed the moment you walk in the door. It's the kind of shine that requires sunglasses just for people to catch a glimpse of you. It's the kind of shine that they never forget!

Item Number: 03121-Gold/black

Color: Gold/Black

Includes: Jacket Only

Not Included: Pants, Shoes, Shirt, bowtie, Sunglasses

({IF["Small: Jacket Chest 44 / Jacket Length 27 Medium: Jacket Chest 46 / Jacket Length 28 Large: Jacket Chest 48 / Jacket Length 30 X-Large: Jacket Chest 50 / Jacket Length 41"!=""]})

Actual Measurements: Small: Jacket Chest 44" / Jacket Length 27" Medium: Jacket Chest 46" / Jacket Length 28" Large: Jacket Chest 48" / Jacket Length 30" X-Large: Jacket Chest 50" / Jacket Length 41"


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review