Marilyn Monroe Costume Dress

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Sexy Marilyn / Adult

This Marilyn Monroe Costume Dress makes one of the most iconic Halloween costumes of all time, too! It's a simple yet stunning style that perfectly captures the essence of the Golden Age of Hollywood. It doesn't just stop with looking like a world famous actress, either; there's a certain magic that comes with dressing like Marilyn. This glamorous getup makes every car you step out of feel like a limousine, and every group photo and selfie you take seem like there are glittering flashbulbs going off all around you as you strut down the red carpet!

Item Number: 00767

Color: White

Includes: Dress

Not Included: No Other Items

Additional Notes: 100% polyester white interlock knit fabric. Halter-style deep V-neckline w/ self-fabric ties. Waist yoke supports circle skirt.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review