Kids Tiny Dinosaur Costume Pterodactyl Dino Train

Seeing Red

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Tiny / Toddler

Do you have a tot who is hooked on Dinosaur Train? Maybe they love going to the museum to check out all of the cool dinosaur fossils. It is pretty cool that these things used to inhabit the Earth, isn�t it? We are kind of jealous of our kids around here knowing that it�s cool for them to like dinosaurs. We wish we could still, as the very cool people we are, rock a dinosaur costume on Halloween!

Item Number: 00014

Color: Green

Includes: Jumpsuit, Hood, Shoe Covers

Not Included: No Other Items

Additional Notes: 100% polyester fabric, with 100% polyurethane foam filling in hood and tail. Large plastic eyes on top of character hood. Jumpsuit zips in front. Shoe covers have elastic bands to secure to footwear.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review