Instant Smile Select a Tooth Temporary Tooth Replacement Kit - Triple Shade

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Triple Shade Instant Smile Temporary Tooth Replacement Kit

This is not a partial denture or dental device - this is a novelty item
Not intended for use during eating or sleeping

An easy 3 Step system to help restore your confidence and get back your secure smile with our new patented Select A Tooth Temporary Tooth Replacement Kit. Now you can replace any missing tooth in less than 5 minutes with an actual realistic looking molded temporary tooth. Intended for temporary use only. The product is not a dental device. The kit includes Tooth shaping file, 3 different sized temporary teeth, in 3 different shades, a pair of stainless steel trimming scissors, a pack of fitting beads. Includes: 1 x Select A Tooth Temporary Tooth Replacement Kit- Bright, Natural and Dark

Missing a tooth?

Do you need a quick and natural looking fix? Our Temporary Tooth Replacement Kit will help you fill the void of a missing tooth in just minutes! Our system is quick, easy, and best of all… realistic looking!

Dental work can be costly and sometimes replacing a missing tooth can take weeks or even months. Our replacement tooth kit is not a permanent fix, but it will allow you to have a confident smile while you are waiting to have the proper dental work done.

Works for missing lower teeth too!



(No reviews yet) Write a Review