Hillbilly Worn Out Boot Cover Funny Toes Feet Shoes Adult Costume - Boot covers only (worn over shoes)

Billy Bob Teeth

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As Pictured
Adult Unisex
Halloween, Funny Theme, Hillbilly
One size (Fits up to 12 shoe size)
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These Hillbilly Workboot shoe covers are pretty awesome! Strap these puppies on and you're sure to draw the attention of any passerby. They are constructed of latex and hand painted to give an authentic worn leather look! They have velcro connecting them in the back, so they can easily be fitted over your everyday shoes in no time. Plus the toes stick out... and that's "super redneck"! Can be worn over most shoes sized 12 and under.



Color: As Pictured



Size: One size (Fits up to 12 shoe size)



Includes: One pair







Additional Notes: Vecro up in the rear. Must be worn with shoes underneath. Size 12 or lower. Ankle opening is 14 inches and shoe opening at bottom is approx 12 inches heel to toe.






(No reviews yet) Write a Review