Gold Pimp Cane Disco Ball for Halloween Costume Accessory - 37.5 inches assembled

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One Size - 37.5 inches long
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Gold Money Pimp Cane - 37.5 Inches

If you want to be the biggest pimp in the party scene then you need all the right accessories. A bunch of gold jewelry like rings and chains, a big ole puffy hat with an oversized feather, a chalice fancy enough to look like the Holy Grail itself, and, of course, a handy pimp cane. This Gold Money Adult Pimp Cane will be perfect for when you’re strutting through the party scene. Let your strong-hand wave about freely when you tell people how to play the pimp game while the other holds firmly on to this pimpin accessory.

Item Number: 90816G

Color: Gold

Size: One Size - 37.5 inches long

Includes: Cane Only

Not Included: No other pieces

Additional Notes: This cane is 37 ½” long and colored gold. The topper is a gold disco ball with rhinestones. After a little bit of assembly, this cane will be ready to go like Disco!

Material and Care: Plastic - Some assembly required


(No reviews yet) Write a Review