Flapper Dress Black 4-Tier Womens Costume

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Four Tier Flapper Dress

Traditional 1920s style four tier fringed dress with sequin accents on Front ONLY. Back is plain fabric.


Item Number: 02732V





Includes: Dress only



Not Included: Tights, shoes, gloves, headband, necklace, and boa



Actual Measurements:
 Large Size Measurements - (for reference)
 Length: 33.5" 
 Chest: (18.5"-21"x2)= 37"-42"
 Waist: (18"-21"x2)= 36"-42"
 Hips:(22"-25"x2)= 44"-50

 Small Size Measurements - (for reference)
 Length: 32.75" 
 Chest: (16.5"-19"x2)= 33"-38"
 Waist: (14.25"-16"x2)= 28.5"-32"
 Hips:(17.5"-20"x2)= 35"-40"





Additional Notes: The sequins and fringe are on the front ONLY. The rear of the dress is plain polyester fabric.



Material: Polyester



Material and Care: Hand Wash



Size Chart:



(No reviews yet) Write a Review