Fake Sideburns 2019 - 100% Human Hair

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Product Overview

Human Hair Sideburns

Assorted colors. Human hair. Measure 1.75" wide at top by 2.75" high top to bottom and 2.5" wide at bottom. Made of human hair.

Item Number: 2019

Size: One Size

Includes: Sideburns

Additional Notes: Spirit Gum or Toupee Tape is needed to apply these sideburns. Sideburns can be gently cleaned with 99% alcohol or gently washed in a bowl filled with warm water and a couple of drops of a gentle shampoo. Wash, rinse, style and set flat to dry. Re-wax as needed when dry. These sideburns can be curled with a small curling iron.

Material: Human hair


(No reviews yet) Write a Review