California Costumes 01435 Womens Creepy Clown Costume Halloween Horror Scary Dress

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Twisted Clown / Adult

In this modern era, our social lives can be frustrating. Our calendars are full of obligations. First, invitations start coming in at a trickle in the early spring. You're still eager to socialize after the cold months of the winter so your answer is usually yes. Yes to children's birthday bonanzas, yes to your second cousin's second wedding, and yes to your neighbor's kid's graduation party. Before you know it you realize with horror that every weekend in your summer is full of SOLO cups and small talk, not a fly by the seat of your pants Saturday and Sunday insight.

Item Number: 01435

Color: Black/White/Red

Includes: Dress, Petticoat, Hat, Collar, Headband, Pair of Socks.

Not Included: No Other Items

Additional Notes: Pull-on dress has all-over printed design w/ attached faux leather panel. Petticoat has elastic waist w/ attached printed fabric bottom. Hat is printed foam covered fabric w/ elastic loops to attach to headband. Plastic headband included for hat. Socks are printed fabric.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review