Girls Amelia Earhart 1930s Women Aviator Kids Halloween Costume

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Amelia Earhart/Aviator / Child

Ever been on a plane? Back before the days of in-flight movies and fasten seatbelt signs, courageous men and women like Amelia Earhart dedicated their lives to realizing the possibilities of powered flight. If they hadn't taken to the skies, the idea of using airplanes for widespread transportation might never have gotten off the ground. So it makes perfect sense that you'd want to pay tribute by wearing one of these great-looking flyer's outfits!

Item Number: 00303

Color: Brown

Includes: Jacket, Pants. Scarf, Hat, Goggles

Not Included: No Other Items

Additional Notes: 100% polyester faux suede & faux shearling fabrics. Jacket has center front separating zipper, faux shearling collar & cuffs, printed airplane on left breast. Pants have elastic waistband. Hat fastens w/ Velcro under chin. Scarf measures 33" long x 3" wide. Molded vinyl goggles have elastic security band, smoky lenses.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review