California Costumes Spartan Combat Shield And Sword Costume Accessory

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One Size (Sword 20" Shield 12")
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Spartan Combat Shield And Sword

As warriors of Sparta the weapon of a Spartan soldier is an extension of their very soul. Our toy Spartan Toy Sword & Combat Shield is the perfect accessory prop for any Spartan Greek or Roman costume. The Spartan Combat Shield measures 12-inches in diameter and features brown and distressed gold design. The simulated nicks gives the Spartan shield the seasoned look of seeing many fierce battles. The toy Spartan sword features a silver colored blade with a decorative distressed gold hilt. Tonight the enemy will dine in hell as you arrive to the party in an ancient warrior costume with this toy Spartan Sword and combat shield accessory prop. Includes: Toy sword toy shield. Dimensions: 12 Diameter (Shield).

Item Number: 60566

Color: Red/Gold

Size: One Size (Sword 20" Shield 12")

Includes: Sword and Sheild

Not Included: No other items are included.

Additional Notes: Sword 20" long. Shield 12 inches


(No reviews yet) Write a Review