BLACK TOOTH WAX hillbilly hobo fake rotten teeth paint professional theater

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1/8oz / 3.5g
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Create the look of missing or rotten teeth with tooth wax. This underused makeup gives added realism to your makeup creations. Zombies, pirates, mummies and monsters of all kinds are taken to the next level with the look of rotten or missing teeth. Sometimes rotten teeth aren't quite enough. Some trauma makeup, along with other standard corpses and characters require the look of missing teeth. You can make a tooth fully or partially disappear with the black wax, depending on the positioning of the wax and its density.

Color: Black

Size: 1/8oz / 3.5g

Instructions: Apply product to dry tooth. Using a toothpick or similar instrument, shape and fit the wax at the gum line. Also use the same instrument to clean unwanted product off of any adjacent teeth. Lick to moisten the exposed surface for a good, scummy look.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review