Billy Bob Redneck Rain Gauge Gag Gift Garden Decoration Novelty Joke

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9 Inches Long
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Novelty Condom Shaped Gag Gift. Gag gift with plenty to gag on. Whether it is gift for a co-worker, a white elephant gift, or you just want to hang it on the patio to spruce up your place, this is sure to get a response! Who needs a boring rain gauge when you can have a little fun when there’s no sun!

Color: Translucent

Size: 7 Inches Long

Additional Notes: 7 inches of fun and laughs. Help save the planet with this “recycled” rubber Ribbed for her measure… each rib indicates another inch of the wet stuff. Funny sayings on the front. Translucent so you can see the precipitation. Clothes pin attached so you can hang it outside to show it off!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review