Bald Cap Makeup Pro F/X Rubber Mask Grease Wheels - 1oz (Bald Cap)

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Bald Cap
One Size
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Rubber Mask Grease Wheel - Bald Cap

These F/X Rubber Mask Grease Wheels were developed with the assistance of an Academy Award-winning makeup artist. These colors are the most useful and commonly required shades for creating a wide variety of characters when coating latex or foam latex appliances. The Trauma F/X Wheel is great for zombies and can be grouped conveniently with the Injury F/X and Primary wheels. These three wheels contain the most frequently needed shades of RMG for mass casualty simulation. The Derma Wheel was developed by the staff of one of the finest makeup training schools in the country - The Makeup Designory - or MUD. The Primary Wheel includes white, black, red, yellow and blue, which is ideal for jokers and clowns. Rubber Mask Grease is made especially for use directly over latex or foam latex surfaces such as masks, fake wounds, bald caps, or other latex and foam latex appliances. RMG contains castor oil, which coats appliances and the surrounding skin with sufficient oils to allow the latex piece to appear natural and not chalky, as it would appear if you used ordinary creme foundations over latex. In addition, RMG is hyper-pigmented, yeilding great coverage over a wide variety of skin and fake skin surfaces.

Item Number: 87050-Bald Cap

Color: Bald Cap

Size: One Size


(No reviews yet) Write a Review