1oz Liquid Latex Professional Makeup by Graftobian

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Liquid Latex - 1oz


Graftobian's colored latex is bold and rich with color and has excellent elastic properties allowing for ease of movement and comfort.

This body latex is perfect for skin tight body covering.
Successive coats can yield beautiful and durable designs where the limit is the imagination and the canvas is the skin.

Item Number: 87801 / 87802 / 87803 / 87805 / 87806 / 87807
Includes: 1 Bottle of liquid latex (1oz)
Made in the USA

Instructions: May be used as an adhesive for hair and lightweight latex appliances. Latex is applied carefully with a sponge over latex appliance edges or modeling wax before applying makeup.
Avoid eye area and allow to dry.

Also used as a fantasy make-up by applying the latex, allowing it to dry, sprinkling it with either powdered glitter or Fantasy Luster Powders and then brushing off the excess.

If applying latex to skin with hair, we recommend
use of Aloe Vera based gel first!

Ingredients: Natural Rubber Latex, Water, Ammonia, Tetramethylthiuram Disulfide, Ammonium Hydroxide

WARNING: Keep out of eyes, hair and clothing

Caution: Latex allergies affect a small but significant percentage of people.
Those with such allergies should refrain from use of Liquid Latex on their skin!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review