Smiffys Latex Glass Wound Prosthetic Stage Halloween Theatrical Costume Makeup

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Smiffys Make-Up FX | Latex Broken Glass Wound

Prank your family, friends, or someone close to you with this latex broken glass wound on your face. The realistic look of this wound will leave everyone in fear. It is an ideal accessory to make the Halloween event more fun and memorable.

Item Number: 49095

Color: Red

Size: OS

Not Included: Latex Glass Wound Prosthetic, Flesh, With Adhesive

Additional Notes: Features broken glass wound with blood Not suitable for cleaning Product comes in a display card Warning: Do not apply to damaged, inflamed or sensitive skin; if possible, test for allergic reaction before use If an allergic reaction occurs remove and seek advice; may stain fabrics, carpets, soft furnishings, porous materials etc Apply carefully to avoid spillage; staining of skin may occur, if so, the stain will normally wash out with soap and water Heavy stains will fade within a couple of days Overall dimensions: 19"H x 10"W x 4"L Material(s): latexRed broken glass wound with adhesive unisex make-up fx.

Material: You will need additional makeup to achieve look in photo


(No reviews yet) Write a Review