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Product Overview


Instant Smile Teeth - Medium Size

(manufacturer may also package them as One Size Fits Most)

Thin and straight, natural looking teeth.  They fit the shape of your teeth and molded in with special thermal beads.

(This is not a partial denture or dental device. Not intended for use during eating or sleeping.)

Comes with thermal fitting beads and instructions that enable you to get a nice custom fit.

Extra packets of thermal beads are listed in our store as "Thermal Beads"


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these porcelain veneers? Are these dentures? Are they a dental device?
A: No. These are novelty teeth.   That being said, we have many customers who do wear these to help improve
    their appearance in their daily lives.  This item is not designed to replace dentures or dental devices.

Q: What is the item made from?
A: Teeth are made from Acrylic - no latex.  Thermal beads are polyethylene.

Q:  What are you selling in this listing?
A:  The buyer will receive (1) Instant Smile upper novelty teeth - medium size

Q:  Do I get to choose a size for the upper teeth? 
A:  No.  This listing is for the medium size.  If you would like the small size, please go to that listing and purchase. The medium size teeth size is approximately 15% larger than the small size.  The  gum line is 5% larger than the small size.  Please note that the manufacturer used to package and sell this size as a One Size Fits Most. They came out with the small size recently.  The small size can be found in our store.

Q: Are these upper Instant Smile Medium similar to the Secure Smile Teeth Small/Medium or Medium/Large?
A:  This item is available in a small size or medium size. This listing is for the medium size.  It has been improved and there is now a "shelf" on the item that helps create a custom fit that is more secure to the wearer's teeth.  This will enable the wearer to talk without worrying about the item slipping.  ** The manufacturer picture provided in the listing shows 2 holes on each side of the teeth.  These holes are not on the new product. The holes are on the shelf.**

Q: If I have used the Secure Smile Small/Medium or Medium/Large in the past before the redesign, will these work for me?
A: Most feedback we have received from previous customers indicate that these still work for them.  BUT we have had feedback that the shelf does prevent the item from being "flexible" enough to cover the wearer's gums.  The older style, Secure Smile did not have a shelf.  We do sell the Medium/Large in our store.

Q: What is the measurement of these items?
A: Below are the measurements for each size of teeth:

We measured the each item from the outside edge of the teeth to the opposite edge with a flat measuring tape.

Medium Upper: 3" with measuring tape flush against the teeth, height: 1/2"
Small Upper: 2 3/4" with measuring tape flush against the teeth, height: 1/2"
Bottom Veneer: ~2 3/4" with measuring tape flush against the teeth, height: 1/2"

The best way to fit yourself is to use a measuring tape and hold it against your left-most premolar (2nd premolar) and measure across to your right-most premolar while the tape is flush with your gum line. .

Q: What color are the teeth?
A: They are a natural color.  They are not white.

Q:  How many teeth do I need?
A:  You need to have at least 4 teeth on each side.  They are necessary to anchor the teeth in place.

Q:  How many times can I wear this item?
A:  You should be able to wear this an unlimited number of times.

Q:  How easy is it to take on an off?
A:  Once you have followed the fitting instructions.  It should be easy to take on and off.

Q: Will this work for everyone?
A:  This is a novelty item.  It may not work for everybody, since we do not personally fit the item to you.  Everybody's mouth & teeth structure is different.  These items may not fit certain mouth/teeth.

Q: How do I fit the item?
  The teeth have a set of instructions included in the package. 

Q: How do I clean this item?
A: Soft tooth brush and water.  Air dry.

Q:  Is this returnable?
A:  These items are not returnable once the package is unsealed.  If you are unhappy with how the item looks through the packaging, please contact us immediately for return instructions.  Once the item is opened, the item is NOT returnable.

Q:  Can these be used on the bottom teeth?
A:  No

Q:  Are bottom teeth available?
A:  Yes. They are located in our store as "bottom teeth"

Q: Can I eat and drink while wearing the item?
A: This item should not be worn while eating or drinking per the manufacturer.  Cold water is OK, but ice tea or cola may stain the item.  Hot drinks may damage the mold.

This product is not a  "denture" or "dental device".  They are not designed for chewing or to be used as a denture. It's thin construction is designed for comfort and appearance.  Do not sleep or eat while wearing this product.  Not for use on children or over braces or caps.


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